Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Susanna Daniel's reading

I went to Susanna Daniel's reading last night at Next Chapter and I'm so glad I did!

When I first saw the event listed, I can't lie, I was totally drawn in by the cover of Stiltsville. But come on, who wouldn't be? It's gorgeous! I wanted to own it. To stare into it's starkness and revel in it's vastness. Yes, I really, really, really am completely sold by covers.

The selection she chose to read was perfect because it ended with a cliffhanger that has left me with a nagging need to start that book! Which I will. After I finish up with the three other ones I'm currently reading!

After her reading, Susanna opened up the floor to questions and handled them with the perfect balance of honesty and mystery (how long did it take to write Stiltsville?!). She was pleasant, affable, and chatted with me for probably far longer than she needed (or wanted) to. ;-P

I look forward to reading her debut book and hope she comes back to Milwaukee again soon!

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