Thursday, September 2, 2010

Heather McElhatton Reading, TONIGHT!

Heather McElhatton, author of Million Little Mistakes

You've just won $22 million in the lottery. Now, what are you going to do with it?

That's the question that sets you on a fun, entertaining journey in Heather McElhatton's latest do-over novel, Million Little Mistakes. Given the chance to live like a milionaire, you could realize all your dreams or learn that money causes more problems. In this Choose-Your-Own-Adventure® style book for adults, it all depends on the choices you make. As in life, there are hundreds of possible adventures woven into Million Little Mistakes. The difference: with the book, if you don't like the ending you can do it all over again!

This event with Heather McElhatton is sure to be a lot of fun, so bring your friends, your imagination and get excited for a great night out!

Heather McElhatton is also the author of Pretty Little Mistakes (her first do-over novel), and Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Single. You may also know her from her commentaries on National Public Radio's This American Life, Marketplace, and Sound Money.

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