Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hangin with Ben Percy and tonight's reading event!

(sorry for the lack of quality on that photo. It was taken with my phone!) I went to Boswell last night for Benjamin Percy's reading from his novel, The Wilding. It was awesome. You should have been there.

The selection he chose to read took my breath away, it was so raw and visceral. It actually left me a bit speechless and I couldn't think of one question at ask when he finished. And if you know me, that's pretty rare! The passage concerned an Iraqi vet experiencing a flashback. If, like me, you know someone who has done a tour or two over there, they don't speak much about it. This reading gave me more insight into a returning vets psyche than I will probably ever get from my brother.

And he reignited my desire to dedicate more to my writing again. Thanks for all of it, Ben.

Prize Winners from the Council of Wisconsin Writers

Paul Salsini, author of the A Tuscan Trilogy series, will introduce the following recent CWW prize winners:
Barbara Manger of Milwaukee, Winner of the Kingery/Derleth Book-Length Nonfiction Award.
For: Mary Nohl: Inside & Outside—A Biography of the Artist (Greater Milwaukee Foundation, 2009). 
Valerie Laken of Milwaukee, Winner of the Anne Powers Book-Length Fiction Award.
For: Dream House (Harper, New York City, 2009).
Angela Sorby of Milwaukee, Winner of the Lorine Niedecker Poetry Award.
For: A group of five poems in various literary journals.
Kathy Borkowski, director of the Wisconsin Historial Society Press, Winner of the Christopher Latham Sholes Award for outstanding encouragement and support of Wisconsin writers.
For more on the Council of Wisconsin Writers, visit /

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