Sunday, October 17, 2010

the ROOM Reading Event

With the Banned Book Event I was working on, followed by a Devil's Lake camping trip last weekend and our D.C. trip this weekend, I haven't had a chance to post on the Emma Donoghue reading I attended at Next Chapter on September 23. Also, September was very reading event heavy, so I've barely had a free date to post, anyway!

Ok. Onto the ROOM reading! It. Was. Awesome. I mentioned previously that I was given an ARC after I saw the editor of the book speak on a panel at Book Expo America in May. I read a lot of books and they don't always stay with me. Perhaps a description may linger, or nuances of plot, but often times I devour and move on, continuously looking to add to the small stack of titles that truly intrigue me. And this was one of 'em. You should check it out.

And here is a video of Emma speaking. Check out the 'ROOM' that Next Chapter created in honor of the book's release! They did a really amazing job with it.

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