Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekend Events!

Saturday, August 21, 1-9pm
Woodland Pattern Book Center

Celebrating 15 Years of Alternating Currents Live with a Music Marathon & Benefit!

The Alternating Currents Live music series at Woodland Pattern brings in musicians from across the United States and abroad. On August 21st Woodland Pattern will hold its 2nd Annual Music Marathon in support of ACL programming. If you are interested in signing up, please call 414.263.5001 today!

We ask that each Music Marathon participant perform 10 minutes of music - jazz, folk, hip hop, rock, instrumental, experimental, etc. or any combination, and raise AT LEAST $25 in pledges. Individual pledges can be for any amount—ask family, friends, neighbors, your mechanic, and anyone else you encounter regularly to support your music and support Woodland Pattern with a pledge.

Please note: You are only guaranteed 5 minutes for set-up. If your set-up requires more than that amount of time, it will be taken out of your performance time. Call 414-263-5001 to sign-up now!

Alternating Currents Live is curated by Hal Rammel, and is recorded live and broadcast Sundays on 91.7 WMSE-FM. All money raised goes towards the Alternating Currents Live music series.


Saturday, August 21 @ 2pm
Boswell Book Company

Denise Du Vernay, author of The Simpsons in the Classroom: Embiggening the Learning Experience with the Wisdom of Springfield

Boswell is going back to school with the Simpsons! Local author and college English teacher Denise Denise Du VernayDu Vernay will show how to use the TV show "The Simpsons" and pop culture in fresh, innovative, and educational ways to attract high school and college students' attention.

The Simpsons in the Classroom shows how "The Simpsons" can be used as a teaching tool, and is written by two longtime best friends and "Simpsonologists" who collaborated on this project over two years, via telephone and email. They have used "The Simpsons" for more than 10 years each in the classroom. With clear descriptions of terms, activities, and syllabi, this book gives instructors an understanding of how to integrate "The Simpsons" into their lessons, so the classroom is full of laughing, learning students--not sleeping ones.


Saturday, August 21 @ 4pm
Boswell Book Company

Ted St. Mane, author of Lost Passenger Steamships of Lake Michigan

From the arrival of the first steamship to Lake Michigan in 1821 through the turbulent booms and busts ofTed St. Mane more than 130 years, passenger steamers of this bygone era provided an essential link for immigrants, excursionists, business people and leisure travelers. On offer were dining, dancing, day trips and luxurious shipboard settings, but mishaps like storms, fires and shipwrecks were a persistent danger to passengers and crew alike.

Through fascinating tales and splendid images, Lost Passenger Steamships of Lake Michigan presents the romantic and sometimes dangerous story of a vanished industry that once connected communities all along Lake Michigan's shores.

Author bio: Ted St. Mane is a historian and passenger steamship enthusiast who has spent several years researching the fascinating history of Lake Michigan's "lost" passenger steamship industry. Frequently engaged as a speaker on topics of local history, he is also co-owner and director of operations for MLT Group Advertising & Marketing in Rochester, Minnesota. His published works include books and documentaries on the rich history of America's Midwest.


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